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Throughout the last 150 years the requirements and technology in the industry has developed significantly, but one constant has never changed – Emil Kraus represents finest craftmanship and noblest materials.



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Philosophie FamilienbesitzFamily-owned company

In 2014, Katja and Marcus Binder took on responsibility for the company rich in tradition.

The family is known for a long-time and cross-generational practical experience in the jewellery industry.

Emil Kraus is based in Mönsheim, a quaint village in the region of the Northern Black Forest and nearby to Stuttgart, a metropolis in South Germany.                                                                 



The brand Emil Kraus stands for jewellery in the premium segment. In addition to the core business, the production of premium-quality cufflinks, Emil Kraus also offers money clips and men’s rings.

Furthermore, Emil Kraus creates classic necklaces and bracelets for women. The company established itself on this market segment within a short period of time by designing classic but at the same time surprising high-quality jewellery.