Premium cufflinks are finely handcrafted in our manufactory since 1866. The permanent quality of our jewellery has been declared to be the top priority early in the companies’ history.

In the past years, we invested in modern precision technology and updated the production process to ensure the satisfaction of our high quality standards in the present as well as in the future.


Our in-house manufactory benefits from the comprehensive craftsmanship we gained throughout our traditional history as well as the permanent pursuit of perfection.

The premium quality and the resultant durability are paired for life with our pieces of jewellery.


We are able to manufacture large assortments contemporary and absolutely precise by using digital and CNC technology.

The usage of the modern 3D print technology enables us to offer individual and customized designs in addition to our own creations.


Our numerous designs are generated in the companies’ in-house manufactory from the first sketch via the production to the final polish.  

We are ambitious to interpret contemporary perception in our own way and to merge it with traditional approaches. Therefore, Emil Kraus designs classics that outlast every trend and never lose any fascination.

The award-winning design of Emil Kraus is known around the world and stands for traditional goldsmith’s art on the premium level.


The expert eyes and finesse of our craftsmen as well as our dedicated goldsmiths help us to create jewellery of permanent quality using premium materials – the trademark of EMIL KRAUS.

The quality of our cufflinks is proved by an independent institution, the University of Applied Sciences Pforzheim, with an examination report about the mechanics of cufflinks.

University of Pforzheim STI (Untersuchungsbericht zur Qualität)


See more about EMIL KRAUS in our current image brochure as pdf data.

Emil Kraus

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