Create your own Style

A special piece of jewellery with a personal message will be created by the choice of individual letters and diamonds. Bespoken – up to the clients wishes.


As innovating manufacturer we are offering finest craftsmanship as well as bespoken designs supported by the latest 3D prototyping technology.

Extra ordinary master pieces created by the unification of traditional goldsmith craftsmanship and latest technologies are possible, like cufflinks or money clips in personal designs.


Individualise your manufactured creation by a personalised lettering. We engrave the shape and the dimension of your lettering next to your individual concept. You are creating your own and personal unique piece of jewellery.

By using highest engraving tools, you receive a specific and enduring engraving.


Personalise your cufflinks with your own logo, emblem or e.g. an image of your beloved pet. Create your own everlasting heritage.

Nearly endless alternatives of the engraving of images are possible by finest engraving craftsmanship and finest coloration by hand.