We at EMIL KRAUS see it as a matter of fact to act sustainable – and understand it as an important investment to the future. Every year we invest significant to reduce our environmental footprint.


As a manufacturing company that relies on natural resources, we aspire to keep the cycle closed of giving and taking.

Therefore we use besides our electric cars also our huge photovoltaic system on our rooftops where we get 100% of our energy demand.


We keep strict requirements and set highest standards to save the environment.

So we manufacture in an eco-friendly way and have just developed a method to manufacture gap-free, semi-solid chains without using acid – the so called: EMIL KRAUS METHOD.


EMIL KRAUS is in harmony with nature. We have optimized our manufacturing processes and even the whole building to save resources like energy and water.

We use natural shades from large trees surrounding our company which protects our rooms from heat in the summertime and from heat loss in wintertime. So we can get along without an energy-intensive air conditioning and are also able to reduce our heating costs.


As a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), we are committed to running the business in accordance with the principles of the RJC Code of Practice (CoP). With our Code of Practice, we commit to integrating human rights, social, environmental and ethical considerations into our daily operations, business planning and decision-making processes.
We source our precious metals and diamonds exclusively from companies that also meet RJC standards. We are committed to ensuring that our suppliers provide decent working conditions and pay fair wages.
By working with RJC-approved suppliers, we ensure that these commitments are met.
At Emil Kraus, sustainable action is deeply rooted. We promote continuous training for our employees and implement extensive programs to reduce water and electricity consumption.

See more about EMIL KRAUS in our current image brochure as pdf data.

Emil Kraus

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