Since 1866 cufflinks are manufactured by Emil Kraus using finest craftsmanship.

EMIL KRAUS is known today as then as a leading manufacturer of high-quality cufflinks – in Germany as well as internationally.


The „DIPLOMAT“ represents the classic elegance. Numerous facets are always joined anew. It is available in two sizes, 16 mm and 18 mm diameter.


The distinctive design is remembering on a watch bezel. It reflects 150 years of experience as well as the highest technical perfection on the occasion of our jubilee.

The exclusive range „SENATOR“ is identified through its design. The 256 diamond cut facets make it unique.

The line „CEO“ impresses with its clear, reduced shape and thus convinces with a simple design. It is available in two versions, angular and rounded.

With its unique alignment, the new masterpiece „TONO“ embodies elegance and technical precision. Special skill requires the design of the specific details and the harmonious whole.
Ingenious simplicity and timeless aesthetics – a must have accessory …


The simplicity of a design. This well-balanced cufflink in pillow shape with its simple modern design is a classic.


The Emil Kraus „KNOTS“ is turned to a classic through timeless elegance matched with a complex manufacturing technique.


The above mentioned series shows you only a few range of our collection. You can see further models or variations in the detailed catalogue and in current brochures as pdf data.



Diamonds in the Sky

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